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    Seven Secrets to Real Estate Blogs that Get Results

    Seven Secrets to Real Estate Blogs that Get Results

    Seven Secrets to Real Estate Blogs that Get Results

    In our last post, we examined the many ways that blogging can benefit the real estate community. So perhaps you’ve decided to start blogging with the goal of increasing your business. But how do you know if you’re doing it right and not just wasting precious time?  While blog styles and subject matter vary widely, incorporating these seven characteristics will bring more traffic to your blog:

    1. Make it interesting. Think about how your post can convince someone that you’re a qualified and experienced realtor. Ask yourself, “What does the person selling or buying a home want to hear from me?” Think about the common questions you’re asked before someone decides to work with you and then create a list of ideas for your blog topics. The goal is write a helpful article that sells yourself and your abilities without seeming too ‘salesy’.
    2. Use subheaders and lists. Most blog readers won’t read every single word you’ve written. Subheaders break the text into manageable sections and help readers find the information they seek. Numbered or bulleted lists have the same effect.
    3. Don’t forget to incorporate links. Links are another way of building authority and helping search engine spiders understand your page. Outbound links show that you have researched your data and/or built relationships. You should also link your blog to other relevant pages in your website to further engage your readers.
    4. Optimize your posts. Use keyword-rich, quality content, images, title tags, and meta descriptions.  Keep in mind the keywords your audience is likely to search for and organically craft content that attracts them. You can even revamp an outdated but popular post with a fresh take or new data, along with more relevant keywords or a different title, to attract new readers.
    5. Don’t forget the images! Posts with images gain almost twice as many views as those without. Images help readers digest the general blog content. Plus, appealing, high-quality images establish your brand’s credibility.
    6. Encourage readers to take action. The call-to-action either captures a visitor’s contact information or offers additional content that has a perceived value. That “valuable content” might be a downloadable white paper, an e-book, or a case study. Whatever call-to-action you choose, the goal is to keep the visitor engaging with your content or the brand, driving him or her further into the buying process.
    7. Frequency matters. Be sure to update your blog regularly—at least once a week and more often than that, if possible. Posting on a regular basis tells search engines that your blog is active, so they’ll be more likely to direct queries your way. Frequency is also important for keeping and growing your subscriber base.

    Today, consumers often turn to the internet to find the information need and the real estate industry is no different. It’s not surprising that for many realtors, their successful blog has become their primary source of lead generation.

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