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    What We Do

    Furnishing Residential and Commercial Real Estate Stakeholders with Robust Title Insurance, Search and Settlement Services Nationwide

    At Certified, we help clients from all walks of life achieve their asset goals. Whether our patrons are brokers, financial institutions, foreclosure attorneys, servicing providers or even realtors, we offer the same industry-leading level of exemplary service quality.

    Our title insurance services are backed by customized workflows that have been exactingly designed to adapt to your specific needs. As an attorney owned and operated company, we’re known for delivering unmatched reliability.

    Why Being Attorney Owned and Operated Counts

    Successful transactions depend on far more than just good faith. With Certified, you get the advantage of working with someone who understands the importance of securing the legal assurances that lucrative deals are built on.

    As a nationwide service provider led by attorneys, we’re intimately familiar with what it takes to close seamlessly. Even better, our strong partnership with Stephen Millstein, Esq. means that you can depend on us to help you navigate complex legal transactions regardless of jurisdiction.

    What Makes the Certified Methodology Different?

    We firmly believe that technology isn’t the only thing that’s moved forward by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. Business processes have also evolved, and we constantly strive to help our clients leverage this momentum.

    Our senior management staff lives by the guiding principle that business techniques can’t afford to stagnate. That’s why we never quit working to improve our customer service, speed and efficiency. The results of our tireless efforts clearly show. We’re proud to say that our consumers enjoy unparalleled responsiveness and service quality.

    We’ve Personalized the Process

    Many title service providers fall short when it comes to responding to your demands. We never miss the mark because we build close relationships with every one of the businesses, individuals and entities we serve.

    During the course of a single day, we devote ourselves to processing numerous title orders. Nonetheless, we always remain available so that our clients can immediately contact us via phone, email or their preferred method of communication.

    By ensuring that you can reach us to get answers to your questions or make comments, we’ve built a system where feedback goes both ways. In short, you never get left in the dark, and we’re always aware of how we can improve our offerings.

    Improve Your Title Experience Today. Call Certified.

    Why wait to get more from your title insurance provider? Discover the benefits of working with a streamlined expert by contacting one of our specialists. Call Certified at 1(888) 486-5511 now.



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