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    Certified Title’s cutting-edge technology isn’t just another tool, it’s an integral part of the Certified Team. Automation is a way of life that helps us empower our clients and those they cater to.

    Proven Reliability

    Of course, we don’t expect you to stake your livelihood, business or property on “hope.” That’s why we maintain compliance with the world’s most rigorous information technology security protocols.

    Certified proactively protects your data like no other national title company. Our facilities are only accessible to authorized employees who present the correct physical credentials, and we rely on constant video surveillance to know exactly who’s coming and going at all times. By subjecting our security technology to rigorous quality controls, we make it easier for you to stay compliant and keep your customers safe.

    Real-world Results

    Many of our clients count on us for seamless technological integration. We work nonstop to devise data-entry and information-sharing solutions that exceed your expectations and potential business needs. By employing appropriate levels of automation, we’ve dramatically heightened our speed and efficiency without compromising accuracy. For you, our continual pursuit of improvement translates to shorter lead times and more impactful transaction management.

    Strategies That Support Your Mission

    We’ve devised an entirely novel workflow based on RESWARE software. We’ve customized this application to build a task-oriented, robust enterprise solution that we believe holds the best answers to the unique demands of the title industry.

    With RESWARE, we’re able to create and administer event-driven tasks known as actions per the needs of each stakeholder. By implementing bespoke title processes for departments, users, workgroups and clients, our employees are able to manage work more effectively and optimize the way key events unfold.

    RESWARE also minimizes errors by ensuring that each action taken by a Certified team member is subjected to real-time, high-level monitoring by human administrators and automated checks. Along the way, we constantly tweak and hone the software platform so that even as regulatory standards mature and your needs change, we’re always one step ahead.

    The Ultimate in Title Convenience

    Certified technology provides clients with immediate benefits. Those with the proper access rights can view or download complete emails, documents and annotations using their custom integrations or our easy web portal. They can also access final packages at will. Certified department’s team of expert software administrators ensures that the entire title process goes smoothly. They’ll initiate actions, create individualized reports, and field your inquiries about customized business processes. At Certified, we use powerful technology to the fullest extent, and we make it simple for you to do likewise.



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