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    Who We Are

    Title Company Professionals You Can Count On

    We know you have a choice in title companies.

    That’s why we work harder. Certified has become an enduring industry leader by delivering a culture of robust customer service for more than three decades. Our client-centric services are driven by technical excellence, forward-thinking solutions, and seasoned attorney oversight. We also recognize that navigating the complex world of title insurance, searches, and real estate settlements can be tricky. That’s why our solutions and guidance are always grounded in practical, real-world applications. We’ve assembled a strong team of experienced title professionals to serve commercial and residential consumers across the country. No matter where you are in the title process, we’re committed to ensuring that you’re moving in the right direction.

    Compliance gets a boost when it’s backed by technology.

    The modern era of real estate transactions is characterized by heightened attention to compliance and process. From the very beginning, the Certified family has been focused on the mastery of these factors. It’s a totally unique way of operating that sets us apart from our competitors. Our clients have come to know us as the most reliable source of elite, innovative, and legally-compliant title services. Since choosing to partner with us, most of them have never looked back. Certified is dedicated to providing robust national services that our clients can count on, regardless of what kinds of challenges or evolving standards might rear their heads.

    Where exceptional nimbleness meets steadfast accountability.

    Certified has grown to become a leading national title company, but we’ve never forgotten our roots or the importance of flexibility. We know that our clients’ needs can change in an instant and so do the demands of title insurance, search, and settlement. Fortunately, we have remained remarkably agile, adjusting and adapting just as quickly. No matter what it takes to close your transaction, we remain wholly committed to keeping the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. We make ourselves accessible to every client, regardless of which jurisdictions they reside or operate in, and we leverage our affiliation with Stephen Millstein, Esq. to close every transaction without a hitch.

    Title Company Professionals You Can Count On

    Enduring, positive client relationships are hallmarks of our success.

    As our client, you come first. It’s as simple as that. Our bespoke service adapts to your demands and ensures that your needs are always fulfilled. We begin each business relationship by learning your processes so we can complement them with the most appropriate and effective solutions. In other words, we’re here to deliver optimal efficiency and ensure your complete satisfaction.

    Let’s talk. Give Certified a call today at (888) 486-5511 to learn more about our products and services and how becoming a client can dramatically improve your business.



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