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    Default Services

    At Certified, we think that REO and default specialists deserve superior title, search and settlement services. That’s why we strive to meet our specialized clients’ demands with solutions that actually cater to their needs. Instead of asking you to work around our way of doing things, we go out of our way to adapt to yours.

    Time-tested Methodologies

    We’ve helped numerous foreclosure, REO and default property holders rise above and beyond the hurdles they faced. For more than two decades, Certified agents have committed themselves to providing assistance, services, processes and resources that facilitate improved settlement outlooks for stakeholders and their clients.

    Our organization maintains a dedicated team of in-house specialists who are skilled in the legal, logistical, technical and economic aspects of settlement. You can rely on us to implement processes that meet your current needs as well as anticipate the challenges to come.

    Dependability Is a Given

    Certified settlement services are optimized for streamlined completion, but we never sacrifice transactional accuracy to obtain quicker results. Whether we’re helping you with a closing or performing a search, we employ meticulous data acquisition and reporting methodologies to eliminate mistakes and ensure that you always have access to up-to-the-instant figures. We support your success by letting you power your decision making with better intelligence.

    Put Our Real-world Results to Work

    We’ve worked with many of America’s biggest default and REO enterprises. We’ve also come to the aid of local companies that were just getting started. No matter who you are, we understand your specific status-reporting needs, and we’re adept at fulfilling them with timely reports that satisfy your demand for mission-critical insights.

    Discover how Certified can help your firm steer the rough waters of foreclosure, default and REO titling. Call now to learn more.



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