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Is the Tiny Homes Trend Right for You

Is the Tiny Homes Trend Right for You?

June 20, 2019

American homes have nearly doubled in size over the past 50 years. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average home size in the United States was 2,700 square feet in 2015, up from just 1,400 square feet in 1965. For decades, Americans have been obsessed with having ...

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With a pre-listing inspection in hand, you can put apprehensive buyers at ease and have the best chance for a fast and hassle-free closing.

Selling Your Home? Here’s Why You Need a Pre-Listing Inspection

June 11, 2019

If you’re selling your home and don’t like unpleasant surprises, you’re going to want to schedule a pre-listing inspection. When the contract on your house is executed, it may seem like cause for celebration. But in reality, it marks the beginning of a long and uncertain process to a potential closing. ...

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The Outdoor Upgrades

The Outdoor Upgrades that Make Your Home More Valuable

May 21, 2019

Exterior upgrades can enhance the look of your property and offer ample recreational benefits too. When you think of these backyard home improvements, endless ideas probably come to mind. Swimming pools. Gazebos. Patios. While there’s no end to your options, they’re not all created equal in terms of their return ...

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safety tips for real estate agents

Smart Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

May 10, 2019

You may not think of real estate sales as a dangerous occupation, but the nature of the business can make it risky. It often requires agents be alone with complete strangers in isolated locations. Historically, there have been a number of murders among real estate agents each year, but recently, statisticians ...

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Buying a Home Watch for these Neighborhood Red Flags

Buying a Home? Watch for these Neighborhood Red Flags

April 18, 2019

There are some things about a neighborhood that you won’t discover until you move in, but you can check out many aspects ahead of time, saving you from headaches and frustration down the road. Beyond obvious signs like dilapidated buildings and trash-strewn sidewalks, here are ten things to watch for ...

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Get Some Space Design Tips for Man Caves

Get Some Space: Design Tips for She Sheds and Man Caves

April 2, 2019

Our homes aren’t just places of shelter; they’re an important part of who we are. They should offer sanctuary and restorative calm away from the stresses of the outside world. But in today’s constant hustle and bustle, it can be hard to find that veritable port in a storm, even ...

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Welcome Home: How to Create an Inviting Entryway

Welcome Home: How to Create an Inviting Entryway

March 30, 2019

The first thing home buyers see when they walk in the door is the entryway. It gives them their first impression of your home’s interior and sets the tone for the rest of the residence. With so much riding on this space that’s often an afterthought, it pays to make ...

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What You Need to Know About Housing for the “Silver Tsunami”

What You Need to Know About Housing for the “Silver Tsunami”

March 16, 2019

As massive numbers of baby boomers begin to reach their senior years and life expectancy continues to increase, the U.S. is bracing for the impact of a groundswell of senior citizens. Dubbed the “Silver Tsunami”, this significant increase in the aging population is expected to balloon over the next 30 years. ...

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