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    Buddy the Retriever: Trained to Make Your Title Experience a Breeze

    Introducing Buddy, Certified Title’s Virtual Closing Assistant.

    Buddy saves time and alleviates stress by providing texts and emails to real estate agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers with accurate, real-time closing information throughout the entire process.

    We’ve taken leading-edge title services to a whole new level.

    Buddy logoCertified is renowned for technical excellence, forward-thinking solutions, and seasoned attorney oversight. We’re dedicated to expediting the title process while delivering enhanced security and unparalleled client service. Now we’re going one better with the addition of state-of-the-art AI and mobile technology, powered by Alanna.ai. Our new digital closing assistant, Buddy the Retriever, is available 24×7 via text or chat to instantly deliver any information you may need regarding your closing.

    Buddy is fully trained to answer your questions.

    He’s smart, fast, helpful, and resourceful. Buddy will proactively send texts and emails to guide you through every nuance of the closing process and he’ll keep everyone involved in the transaction informed along the way. Rely on Buddy to competently escort you through the five key milestones of the closing process:

    1. Welcome to Certified
    2. Confirmation of receipt of Earnest Money funds
    3. Settlement scheduled
    4. Settlement complete
    5. Confirmation of Disbursement

    Title file roadmap


    Enjoy peace of mind throughout your real estate transaction.

    Buddy is here to make your closing stress-free. If you have questions about any step in the closing process, simply reach out to Buddy and he will retrieve the accurate, reliable information you need in real-time.

    We’re here to serve you.

    For nearly three decades, Certified has been passionate about providing exemplary service that’s personalized to meet individual needs. The enduring, positive relationships we’ve built with our clients and partners are the hallmarks of our success.

    • Simply Text Buddy
      No logins. No Apps. Simply text Buddy and get the answers you need immediately.
    • Always Available
      The information you need is available any time, 24×7. Documents, File Status, and Cost Estimates are just a few of the almost 200 questions Buddy can answer.
    • Fast and Accurate
      Buddy provided fast and accurate answers to file based or general questions via Chat or Text.

    Just Text Buddy: 410-862-0346

    Let’s get started. To learn more about Buddy or how Certified Title can enhance your next real estate transaction, please reach out to our experienced professionals. We look forward to working with you.



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