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    Why Every Realtor Needs to Blog

    Why Every Realtor Needs to Blog

    Why Every Realtor Needs to Blog

    Blogging may seem like just another task that demands your limited time, but done properly, it can yield some significant benefits.  In fact, a recent survey conducted by Hubspot.com revealed that companies that blog regularly receive 55% more website visitors than those that don’t. As a realtor, blogging presents you with an opportunity to give your audience a valuable inside perspective that builds their trust and gains their respect, eventually converting visitors into clients. Here are five powerful benefits of real estate blogging done right:

    1. Get more web traffic. A blog provides the opportunity to present compelling content for your readers. This, in turn, will drive traffic to your website and provide more opportunities to convert those visitors into clients. You should also post links to your blog from your social media, giving your followers the opportunity to visit your website, as well.
    2. Improve your SEO results. Blogging represents one of easiest ways of augmenting your website’s search engine rankings. By providing fresh content on a regular basis, you can quickly increase your search engine results. Be sure to include relevant keywords in your blog articles to enable the search engines to easily find and index your site.
    3. Position yourself as a leader in your field. Savvy, informative articles are valuable tools in cementing your position as a frontrunner in the real estate market. When you post blogs that are impressive and well-written, you’re also marketing your skills and services. Your blog serves as an opportunity to share your expertise and demonstrate your credibility to readers.
    4. Connect with prospective clients. Blogging offers an additional avenue to reach out to existing and potential customers. Your articles allow people to get to know you and your business, and it allows you to grow your customer base by becoming a source of valuable information. If you consistently develop original content that offers solutions, solves problems, and gives insights that prospective buyers and sellers look for, you’ll quickly grow your online presence. And by providing useful, relevant information, readers will be more likely to contact you when they have a real estate need.
    5. Interact with your target audience. Blogs allow readers to leave comments and ask questions. This provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with your readers and learn more about them and their needs. From there, you can identify strategies to meet those needs, presenting you as the competent, responsive real estate professional that you are.  Be sure to respond promptly to any questions or comments readers leave on your blog. This will also help to earn their trust and enhance your credibility.

    As you can see, blogging should be an important element in every realtor’s marketing arsenal. Stay tuned for Part II of our series on blogging as we explore “Best Practices for Blogs that Get Results”.

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