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    Eight Ways to Drive More Real Estate Leads to Your Landing Page

    Last month, we discussed the valuable role landing pages can play in your online marketing strategy, such as providing lucrative business opportunities, enhancing your credibility, and offering up more qualified leads. So you’re sold on landing pages. Now what? Let’s examine eight excellent ways to optimize your real estate landing pages and get those conversions rolling:

    1. Focus on one call to action. Many landing pages are plagued with multiple offers, creating chaos and confusion for visitors. Focus on one solution or offer on each landing page so people don’t become overwhelmed.
    2. Make your call to action (CTA) inspirational. The CTA is the most important element of your landing page. It may seem like just a button, but everything about it matters when it comes to getting visitors to take action. Use a color that contrasts with your background, place it in a prominent location on your page, and incorporate messaging that creates a sense of urgency.
    3. Keep headlines bold and short. You only have a few seconds to capture your viewer’s attention and pique his or her interest, so keep your headlines simple, straightforward, and persuasive.
    4. Highlight the “WIFM”.  Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them so make it a point to highlight your value proposition. Create your intriguing headline and then provide a sentence or short paragraph explaining in more detail how you solve clients’ problems through specific solutions. For your value proposition to be effective, you must first understand your target audience’s pain points and develop marketing messages that address them.
    5. The copy matters. You could have a jaw-dropping landing page but if the text isn’t interesting and doesn’t offer something that matters to your visitors, no one is going to bother to seek more detailed information. For better conversions, your landing page copy should be convincing, genuine, and provide useful information in a concise manner.
    6. Incorporate captivating images. Well-chosen pictures that tie in with your copy can dramatically enhance your conversions. Images are excellent at communicating an emotional message, and most people make buying decisions on emotional factors.
    7. Offer something of value.  Reward visitors for spending time on your page by giving them something worthwhile and beneficial to them. This might be a whitepaper, an e-book, a free home valuation, or another tool that seems meaningful.
    8. Ensure that your page is highly targeted. Whether you’re targeting first-time home buyers, people who are relocating, or baby boomers, make sure your page is specific to them. Address their unique needs and speak their language.

    Real estate landing pages can be a lead generation gold mine. Optimizing your landing pages requires some time and planning, but maximizing the appeal of each element will increase your conversions and will be well worth the effort.


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