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    Why Every Realtor Should Be Creating Landing Pages

    If real estate landing pages aren’t a key part of your online lead generation strategy, you’re missing out on an abundance of lucrative opportunities. Landing pages should be one of the most important parts of your business because they are designed to reach prospects who are searching for what you offer.

    Cultivate your prospects. When a visitor comes to your landing page, it’s because something they saw in content you created piqued their interest and compelled them to seek more information. After they click through from your ad, direct mail, or other online marketing piece, these prospects need to end up on a page that tells them more and continues to create interest for them. The goal is to build the relationship by fulfilling the promises made in the initial ad so they will provide their contact information.

    You’ll get more qualified, valuable leads. Many realtors spend a lot of time and money on advertising campaigns that link to their home page rather than to a branded landing page that’s specifically designed to maximize lead generation. The fact is, landing pages convert website visitor leads at a much higher rate than the home page can, often by as much as 25%.  The primary challenge with sending leads to your home page is that there’s often a disconnect with the messaging. For example, if you send out an email about “The Best Vacation Homes in Ocean City”, linking visitors to your generic home page isn’t giving them the content that was promised. While the information on your home page is intended for everyone, your exclusive landing page is just for those who were interested enough to click on your ad.

    You’ll gain credibility. A well-designed, branded landing page that contains valuable information for your visitors helps them solve a problem.  As a result, these visitors will begin to have faith in your site and ultimately, in your business, allowing you to forge a new relationship based on guidance and trust.

    They work hard. Once your campaign is developed and executed, landing pages will make your life much easier. The lead generation process is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about manually producing leads. In essence, your landing pages are working even when you aren’t.

    For realtors, landing pages can be a lead generation gold mine if they are implemented correctly. They can also reinforce your brand, enhance your credibility, and set you apart from the competition.

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