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    These Seven Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Tips Get Results

    Home staging is an essential tool that has the power to transform your house into an inviting showplace.

    Done right, it can help your residence sell faster and for more money. Fortunately, home staging doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are seven simple pro staging tips that will transform your house into an appealing showplace.

    1. Think classic, not trendy.

    Before you put your house on the market, view every surface with a critical eye, especially the walls and floors. You don’t want potential buyers thinking about how much time and money they’ll need to spend painting over electric blue walls or replacing that 70s-inspired orange shag carpeting. Opt for pleasing palettes in largely muted or neutral tones, which allows buyers to easily envision their décor in place.

    2. Create a ‘blank slate’.

    Photos, collections, and knick-knacks can have a lot of personal meaning, but the goal of staging is to make your home a blank canvas for potential buyers. That means all of those things that make the house feel like it’s yours should be removed. Photographs can be particularly distracting and make buyers feel that they’re intruding on someone else’s space. Some personal items can be polarizing, too. Political items, guns, and taxidermy can evoke strong emotional responses, so it’s best to pack them up while your home is on the market.

    3. Purge your closets and cabinets.

    Storage is a top priority for most potential buyers, so highlighting your home’s various stowage areas to their best advantage is a must. Even if your house has plenty of storage, overstuffed closets will make it feel limited. You should expect that buyers will be opening your cupboards, drawers, and closets to assess storage capabilities. Thoroughly clean and organize these important aspects of your home as you would any other room. Remove bulky winter clothes from closets, organize the pantry, and store excess blankets and sheets to make the linen cupboard appear roomy.

    4. Don’t overlook the power of proper lighting.

    Lighting is a key element in making your home look its most appealing. Open the blinds and curtains to allow in the maximum amount of daylight, which will make the space bright, inviting, and welcoming. Be sure to test all window treatments and light fixtures to ensure they are in proper working order. Consider dressing up bare walls with some pretty mirrors. They add a nice decorative touch and help reflect the light around the room.

    5. Focus on fresh.

    Some well-placed plants and flowers can add life and freshness to your home. Put a vase full of cheerful flowers on the kitchen table, a small potted plant or some succulents in the family room, and perhaps a large potted plant in the corner of the living room. It’s also important to make sure there are no unpleasant odors. A deep clean should take care of any lingering smells, but clear out the trash can before showings just in case. You may want to install a few scented plug-ins throughout your home. If you do so, keep them on the lowest setting and choose a neutral clean scent that won’t be overpowering.

    6. Choose furnishings of the proper scale.

    It’s a common mistake for novice stagers to incorporate pieces that aren’t the right proportions for the space. Placing an oversized table with thick, clunky legs in a small dining room, for example, only serves to highlight the room’s modest dimensions. To present the space in its best light, keep its layout and square footage in mind.

    7. Don’t forget the entrance.

    A buyer’s decision-making process doesn’t start once they are inside; it begins from the moment they pull up to your property. Your exterior staging could be as simple as weeding the front walkway, applying a fresh coat of paint on the front door, or investing in some lovely flower beds. Dress up your front porch with colorful potted flowers or a pretty hanging basket to create a welcoming first impression.

    Home staging is all about delivering an impressive model home experience that every prospective buyer can appreciate. For more information about how to stage your home like a pro, please contact our helpful, knowledgeable team.

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