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    Why Winter May be the Best Time to Sell Your Home

    Why Winter May be the Best Time to Sell Your HomeIf you’re hoping to sell your home before the birds start chirping this spring, all hope isn’t lost. There are actually a number of advantages to putting your house on the market during the winter. Consider these seven reasons for putting up your “For Sale” sign now:

    1. Less inventory = more attention. Because everyone thinks they shouldn’t list their property in the dead of winter, there are very few homes on the market at the start of a new year. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still potential buyers in need of a new residence. And if your house is the only game in town, you’re likely to have a lot more interest than in spring when the market is saturated. With fewer options, traditionally nit-picky home shoppers are also more likely to be more open-minded.
    2. Better curb appeal. If you put your home on the market around the holidays, it’s going to look absolutely charming with all of the holiday lights and décor. Your landscaping and neighborhood are also more likely to appear attractive in the winter versus the summer months.
    3. First-quarter job relocations. Companies tend to relocate their workers during the first quarter of the new year. This means that every winter, there’s a guaranteed group of people looking for a new home, and they need to find it quickly.
    4. A more accessible real estate agent. Realtors tend to be relatively idle during the winter months, and fewer clients means greater motivation to move the properties they represent. They also have more time and energy to focus on your cause.
    5. Fewer showings and open houses. Overall, there are likely to be fewer buyers during the winter months. Consider this a blessing. Fewer showings means fewer people stomping through your home and less ongoing cleaning and preparations for you. If you do have a winter open house, you’ll probably have more motivated visitors.
    6. A faster home sale. Homes actually sell more quickly in the winter months, even in cold-weather cities. Low inventory is likely a big reason for it. Also, during the winter, people don’t want to have to trudge through the cold and snow for showing after showing. They want the buying process to be over and done with in a hurry.
    7. A higher listing price. Statistics show that homes actually sell at a slightly higher price in winter. That may be because motivated buyers submit a price that’s too good to refuse. Or, the fear of rising mortgage rates, which tend to occur in the spring, might cause buyers to be willing to pay a higher price now. Whatever the reason, it’s a happy discovery for winter sellers.

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