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    Welcome Home: How to Create an Inviting Entryway

    Welcome Home: How to Create an Inviting Entryway

    Welcome Home: How to Create an Inviting Entryway

    The first thing home buyers see when they walk in the door is the entryway. It gives them their first impression of your home’s interior and sets the tone for the rest of the residence. With so much riding on this space that’s often an afterthought, it pays to make it look its best. Whether you have a grand foyer or an improvised nook, use these design ideas to add style to your entryway and wow every would-be buyer who enters.​​​​​

    Establish an entry area. If your home’s design doesn’t include an obvious foyer, placing a substantial piece of furniture such as a chest or console table anchors the space and creates the illusion of a separate area. Add a side chair and some table lamps, and you’ve got an instant entryway.

    Choose a pleasing palette. Adding color, whether it’s through paint or wallpaper, is a great way to set the entry hall apart from the adjoining rooms. It can also act as the basis for the furniture and accessories you select to adorn the space to create a chic, tied-together atmosphere. When choosing your entryway’s hue, think about the feeling you want it to evoke. Colors have more power than most people realize. They can be uplifting, make a room feel larger, or create a sense of calm.

    Eliminate the clutter. If walking through your entryway feels like an obstacle course, then it’s time to clear out some space. A dresser, chest or console table with drawers will help you keep the entry from becoming disorderly when you need to stow the day’s mail or set down your keys. A storage bench offers a comfortable place to sit while you remove your shoes along with a place to store them. If your space is narrow, be sure to compensate with furnishings of suitable dimensions.

    Great lighting can make or break any space. When first coming into a home, you want to make sure that it’s well lit. If your entryway is on the darker side, consider bringing light in from multiple sources. A statement-making overhead chandelier, along with floor or table lamps, provides brightness and adds interest to the space. Wall lighting, such as sconces, casts a warm, soft glow. If you have windows in your foyer, fit them with lighter-fabric curtains that let in some natural light.

    Add space with mirrors. Hanging a mirror on the wall or above a piece of furniture is an easy way to make a small entrance hall feel larger than it actually is. And because mirrors reflect the light, it will also help to make the space appear brighter. Keep the size and dimensions of your foyer in mind when choosing your mirror.

    Share the things you love. Put your passions on display for visitors to see from the moment they walk in the door. Photos, books, and cherished collectibles are always suitable additions to entry spaces of any size. Are you a nature lover? Place some fresh cut flowers or pretty potted plants on your foyer’s console table. If you or a family member is a zealous artist, sculptor or carpenter, the entryway is a great place to proudly showcase these works of art. Don’t be shy about showing off your creativity. Displays like these add personality and charm to that all-important entrance area of your home.

    Pay attention to your floors. If you have hardwood or tile flooring in your entryway, add some texture by incorporating a runner or area rug. A small change like this can completely transform the ambiance of the space. Patterned rugs and Orientals are great choices because they hide the dirt well and tend to be durable.

    You only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s why it’s so important that the entry to your house is welcoming to guests and reflects your personal style. For more tips and design ideas to make your home its most appealing, please reach out to our helpful, knowledgeable team.

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