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    Want to Brighten Up a Dark Room? Try These Clever Design Tricks

    These days, it seems every inch of our dwellings is being put to use. From closets that now function as home offices to basements that are serving as makeshift places for learning, we’re all spending more time at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. That also means we’re taking stock of our living spaces in ways that we never have before. Maybe you haven’t paid much attention to how poor the natural lighting is in the spare room, but now that it’s your designated workspace, you’re noticing the drawbacks. For everything from the ambiance to productivity, lighting plays a key role.

    If your home has shadowy rooms that could use some brightening up, here are seven tricks to take them from dismal to radiant in no time.

    Want to Brighten Up a Dark Room Try These Clever Design Tricks

    1. Don’t be afraid to embrace a darker paint color.

    That may seem counter-intuitive, but if you paint a small, dark room white, the only thing that will increase is its monotony. It might feel a little larger, but with no light bouncing around, it will just feel like you’re in a stark white box. Going darker doesn’t mean you have to go with the very deepest shades on the paint strip. Opt for a medium shade in a hue you love to give the space some atmosphere. And whatever color you choose, paint the ceiling this hue, as well. A dark room with a white ceiling stops the eye at that point and makes the ceiling seem lower. But if you paint it the same color as the walls or a slightly lighter shade, it visually removes that stopping point.

    2. Go easy on the wall art.

    Over-accessorizing is a common decorating mistake. This is especially important when it comes to rooms that struggle with lighting. In these spaces, the walls should be as bare as possible so that all of the available light can be reflected. Just a single large piece of dark wall art or collection of photographs can detract from your efforts to brighten the space. Limit what goes on the wall to a large mirror or a lightly-toned piece of art that suits the overall atmosphere.

    3. Add some glass doors.

    Installing French doors or other interior doors that let in light is an easy way to increase the brightness of any room. There are many style options to choose from and you can add a shade, curtain, or film over the glass for more privacy. These doors don’t yield maximum privacy no matter how good the coverage is, so they’re best suited for a playroom, den, or home office.

    4. Make use of mirrors.

    Mirrors can work many wonders when it comes to enhancing a room when you know how to use them. You can amplify light—and the space—by positioning mirrors positioning so that they help to spread out the available natural light. You can even strategically place mirrors in the hallway to reflect light into an adjacent unilluminated room.

    5. Go with light grey.

    Filling your home with pale greys is a great way to give the illusion of more light. It’s especially great for people who prefer cooler natural tones. Just be sure to stick to a palette of light-to-medium greys for your walls and furnishings. If you go too dark it will create a cave-like effect that’s the opposite of the light and airy atmosphere you’re seeking to achieve.

    6. Amp up the ambient lighting.

    If you’re looking to just slightly increase a room’s lighting, try adding some ambient illumination, such as a string of fairy lights, a group of large candles, or some orb-shaped light fixtures. Not only will they provide just the right glow, but they will also add tremendous charm and a comfy vibe. Be sure to choose a soft, yellow light to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    7. Add splashes of color and pattern.

    If you have a dark room and only adorn it with solid neutrals, the space is bound to feel drab and gloomy. You don’t have to decorate with all the colors of the rainbow (in fact, you shouldn’t). Choose a color palette you like and incorporate some patterned decorative items, such as pillows and lampshades, to add visual interest.

    Why not go beyond just adding light?

    You and your family will be spending a lot of time in the space you create, so make it attractive and inviting. Great lighting is just the beginning. Incorporate your personality and style to make it your own.

    If you need additional resources or more inspiring ideas, the experienced professionals at Certified Title are here to help. Please reach out to us anytime.

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