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    Types of Home Architectural Styles: Is Trendy or Traditional Right for You?

    When it comes to designing your perfect custom home, the options are endless.

    From the overall square footage to the number of bathrooms, the decisions never seem to stop. To simplify the process, start by deciding which style of house you’re drawn to the most. From classic colonial revivals to sleek art deco ranchers and charming Cape Cods, there’s an architectural style suits your tastes and lifestyle.

    In this article, we’ll share some helpful tips for selecting the home style that is just right for you.

    Types of Home Architectural Styles

    Start by learning about the many home styles that exist today.

    America truly is a melting pot of architectural modes, and homeowners have embraced many different housing styles while adding their own personal touches. House plans are available in a plethora of designs, including these popular styles:

    • Craftsman: These homes often feature decorative wood trim, wrap-around porches, exposed roof rafters and low-pitched gabled roofs.
    • Colonial: There are many different styles within the Colonial designation, but they share a number of design elements, including chimneys on one or both ends of the home; a rectangular shape overall; steeply pitched gambrel or barn roofs; and large, square rooms on all levels of the home.
    • Victorian: Generous decoration adorns Victorian houses. They may feature gable trim, corbels and bright exterior paint variations, as well as sweeping verandas and graceful turrets.
    • Spanish: Stucco, adobe or stone facades often adorn Spanish style homes. Roofs may be flat or with a small slope and made of tile, stone, or clay. Red tiles are a common roofing material. Arched porches are also a standard exterior feature.
    • Contemporary: These modern house plans often feature large swaths of windows, dramatic rooflines, open spaces and asymmetrical designs. Their material components are typically glass, steel, and concrete.
    • Ranch: Homes built in the single story ranch style typically have a long, low profile, uncomplicated features, and large windows. Their less formal design encourages open and free-flowing floorplans.

    Consider your neighborhood.

    Though you want your home to reflect your personality, it should also fit into its surroundings. Depending upon your community and even the region of the country you’ll be living in, it’s a good idea to narrow down you home style selection to a few that are harmonious with others in the area.

    What’s your family’s personality type?

    Are you busy professionals, seeking an attractive home that also offers low maintenance? A minimalist modern may be just the ticket. If you prefer rustic and outdoorsy, a log cabin or bungalow might be to your liking. Perhaps multi-generational appeal is your focus. If you’re interested in making guests of all ages feel right at home, single level living and standalone guest suites may be your preference. When you’re building your own home, taking things personally is the whole point. So how do you want your dream home to express your family’s unique lifestyle?

    Think about your future plans.

    How long do you plan to live in your new custom home? If you’re expecting you’ll live there for just a few years, you might consider ranking your style selections based on their popularity. Choosing a more conventional style is often best to maintain high resale value. Alternatively, if you’re hoping to remain in your new house for decades, it’s wise to consider styles that will most easily adapt to your changing needs. For example, if you’re planning to live there well into your senior years, a single-story ranch style residence is a good choice for accommodating aging in place.

    If you’re still undecided, take a style quiz.

    Plenty of simple online quizzes exist to help you determine what style may be best for your new home. Try HGTV Quiz To Find Your Design Style, Houzz Decorating Style Quiz, or Cornerstone Lending’s Dream House Style Quiz. Use the answers from these quizzes to help you narrow down the home types you find most appealing. Then, start exploring our extensive array of models and floorplans to find the perfect custom home for you.

    Ultimately, your choice of architectural style largely comes down to a matter of personal preference. For more information about buying or building the home of your dreams, please reach out to our helpful team of experts.

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