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    The Secrets to Having a Successful Garage Sale

    Moving offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of the things you no longer want or need.  While you could trash those items or give them to a thrift store, hosting a pre-move garage sale is an excellent way to both get rid of them and make some cash to help cover your moving expenses. Plus, with less stuff to put in the moving truck, your load will be lighter and less expensive to move. You’ll also spend a lot less time packing and unpacking belongings you don’t have much use for anyway.

    But hosting a successful yard sale takes more effort than simply placing some things on your lawn and posting a sign.

    The Secrets to Having a Successful Garage Sale

    The Secrets to Having a Successful Garage Sale

    If you want to get rid of the most merchandise possible and get the best price for it, follow these ten great tips for doing your garage sale right.

    1. Set a date and time well in advance. It’s generally best to hold your moving sale in the spring or fall, as the weather is temperate and most suitable for outdoor events at these times of the year. Saturdays are the most popular day to attract a crowd, but avoid hosting your garage sale on a holiday weekend when people will be traveling or busy preparing for their own events. Start your sale in the morning and shoot to end by mid-afternoon. And be prepared for some early birds to show up before the set start time.
    2. Don’t go it alone. For your family members, this moving sale is their opportunity to get rid of outdated fashions, clothes that no longer fit, and anything else they no longer need. Your neighbors may want to jump on the bandwagon, too, so share your garage sale plans with them in advance. The larger your sales event, the more potential buyers you’re likely to attract.
    3. Get the word out. Advertising is an important part of any garage sale. When creating your ad, be sure to include:
    • The date, time and street address
    • A rain date
    • A description of popular items such as furniture, appliances, and tools
    • A phone number so people can call for more information or directions

    Consider running your ad in the local newspaper and online classifieds like Craigslist. There may be submission deadlines several days in prior to publication, so check out these details ahead of time. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can also wield a lot of power in notifying others about your sale, both before and during the big event. And don’t forget to include plenty of appealing pictures in your posts!

    1. Make your garage sale signs sizzle. Your goal is to get as many people to visit your sale as possible, so make sure your signage is eye-catching yet simple. Think brightly colored paper and big, bold lettering. As with your ads, include the date, time and street address of your sale, as well as arrows pointing the way. Post dozens of these signs along heavily traveled roads in the area, at intersections, and all around your neighborhood. When the sale is over, be sure to remove your signage.
    2. Clean up your merchandise. Sparkling clean goods will be much more appealing to buyers than dingy items. Wash any clothes, dishes, and storage containers you’re planning to sell. Polish furniture, wipe down mirrors, and give jewelry and flatware a shine.
    3. Organize merchandise in a practical way. For example, you might establish sections for clothes and accessories, dishes and kitchen items, home decor, and tools and electronics. Organizing items by groups makes it easier to shoppers to browse for the items they’re seeking. Be sure to rearrange items or add new merchandise as things are sold to keep the display enticing.
    4. Research and price items ahead of time. Visit eBay or conduct some online investigation to determine realistic prices for your items. Clearly mark tags or stickers, and place them on items in locations where customers can easily see them. If multiple families are taking part in the sale, consider assigning sales tags of different colors to avoid confusion about ownership.
    5. Make shopping a breeze. Place a clearly-marked checkout table at the exit so people know where to pay. Save plastic grocery bags and boxes for customers to take their purchases with them. You should have newspaper available to wrap glassware and other fragile items. Keep plenty of change and small bills on hand, and wear an apron or fanny pack for easy accessibility. Pens, paper, tape, scissors and a calculator should be convenient, too.
    1. Plan for the weather. If the forecast is calling for showers, have tarps or large sheets of plastic on hand so you can quickly cover everything if necessary. Refreshing shade is always welcome on hot, sunny days, so place some beach umbrellas and lawn chairs around so your shoppers (and you) can cool off. Ice down some sodas and bottled water the night before, or whip up big batches of lemonade.
    2. Engage your customers. Be friendly and chat with the people who stop by your sale. Consider throwing in a freebie for folks with small children and those who buy lots of merchandise. This kind of goodwill makes your yard sale more fun, and it may even encourage people to buy more from you.

    A great garage sale begins with a great plan.

    Advance preparation will help your day go smoothly as you clear out those unwanted items and make some extra money, too. For more helpful pointers about hosting your lucrative moving sale, please contact our helpful team of professionals.

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