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    Real Estate Disruptor 2017: Virtual Reality in Real Estate

    As full-service Title Insurance, Search and Settlement Services provider, Certified Title plays an essential role in real estate transactions of all kinds. Though not traditionally an industry on the cutting edge of technology, real estate may very well be the next industry to be disrupted by a new technological innovation: virtual reality.
    Today we’ll look at several 3-D graphics providers that are opening up new possibilities for realtors and brokers. As in any industry, early adopters will give themselves an edge over the competition now and in the future.

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality is becoming more and more prevalent in the lives of realtors. Floored and MatterPort create interactive 3-D graphics for the real estate industry. Both MatterPort and Floored allow users to explore the space via taps on a smartphone or tablet, by clicking or using the keyboard on a laptop or desktop, or by turning their heads if they are using a VR headset.

    Realtors in Los Angeles are letting clients take 3-D tours of multimillion dollar, high-end properties using nothing more than the Samsung Gear VR headset, which costs less than $100. Of course, the property needs to be scanned first. This costs around $500 for a 3,000-square-foot home. Or realtors can purchase the MatterPort Pro 3-D Camera for $4,500 and start creating scans of all their properties.

    Certain listings on Zillow and Homes.com come ready-made with the option to “Explore this home in 3D”.
    Once there was a fear that sites like Zillow would put realtors’ profession at risk. Now, the same is being said about virtual reality. In truth, virtual reality is giving enterprising realtors and brokers a new way to differentiate themselves. Assuming the current trend continues, it will only be a matter of time before 3-D tours become “par for the course” – as essential and ubiquitous to a listing as pictures are now.

    Technology-Powered Title Insurance, Search and Settlement Services

    Certified Title is a Title Insurance, Search and Settlement Services provider that offers world-class technology and dedicated Account Managers to help our clients succeed. At Certified, automation is a way of life. Our novel workflow application is fully customized, task-oriented, and based on RESWARE software to meet the unique demands of the title industry. No other national title agency makes it so easy to manage documents, communicate and close transactions.

    Learn more about how our Title Insurance Technology is streamlining title insurance, search and settlement services today! To get in touch with Certified Title, give us a call at (888) 486-5511.



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