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    Successful Real Estate Transaction? Thank Your Title Examiner

    When preparing properties for transaction, the title examiner’s role is vitally important.

    Title examiner also known as abstractors or title officers, these professionals search, inspect, and summarize applicable title records and property abstracts to determine the risk factor associated with insuring a particular property. For a building or parcel of land to be sold, its title must first be deemed clear of liens or legal issues. Only when the title is clear are prospective buyers able to secure a loan from a financial institution.

    What Does a Title Examiner Do

    The role of title examiner involves a significant amount of clerical work, including researching, compiling, and scrutinizing the contracts, mortgages, and other instruments related to property titles.

    It requires detailed searches of public and private records at county offices, law firms, and title insurance companies. The examiner is responsible for inspecting every detail of the title or the property in question to identify potential flaws that could make insuring it unwise. This position also requires excellent people skills because it involves collaboration and coordination with clients, staff, and communities.

    Typical responsibilities of the title examiner include:

    • Analyzing search requests to determine the type of title evidence required
    • Obtaining the descriptions of properties and the names of parties involved
    • Preparing lists of legal instruments pertaining to a property
    • Examining the documentation related to the title that includes, liens, mortgages, judgments, plat books, legal agreements easements, maps, contracts, etc.
    • Verifying factors such as the legal descriptions, ownership, or restrictions related to the property
    • Preparing and issuing title insurance policies and title commitments based on information compiled from title searches
    • Summarizing recorded documents, such as trust deeds, vesting contracts, etc., that can affect the property’s title
    • Investigating relevant legal materials to aid in decision-making

    Title examiners must be detail-oriented, self-motivated, and adept at analytical thinking, time management, and active listening. In addition, they must be quick and precise at verifying the accuracy and completeness of land-related documents. Title examiners are also required to have a working knowledge of real estate procedures and legalities and be able to summarize pertinent legal statutes from reference books in order to prepare real estate closing statements.

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