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    Six Ways Real Estate Agents Benefit from Working with Certified Title Corporation

    When partnered with the right title company, real estate agents stand to gain some impressive and transformative benefits. Excellent communication, greater attention to detail, flawless transaction executions, smooth and efficient closings, and more are all yours to be had.

    Six Ways Real Estate Agents Benefit from Working with Certified Title Corporation

    Read on to learn about the many advantages real estate agents can tap into by choosing to work with Certified Title Corporation.

    1. Proactive service that’s based on transparency.

    Left to fester, minor glitches can quickly become major issues. When issues crop up, Certified Title immediately communicates the details and seeks practical solutions. We provide you and your clients with the best possible service by ensuring that you always have a dependable support network in your corner. You will have a dedicated Account Manager to help you navigate through the process, identify potential problems, and field specialized requests. Our staff even performs post-closing follow-up to ensure that buyers are just as satisfied as you are with the process.

    2. Exceptional communication.

    We know how important is that you and your clients receive timely, accurate information throughout the closing process. Do you need someone to guide your buyers through the titling process? We’ll reach out to keep them in the loop and answer any questions. Want to stay informed so that you can offer better information? Our consistent status updates keep you infinitely more knowledgeable. Certified’ s state-of-the-art transaction management and communication platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere with internet access.

    3. Efficient closings backed by technical prowess.

    At Certified Title, we think being a great title partner involves making sure that real estate transactions are completed promptly, efficiently, and without any unnecessary delays. We also believe that forward-thinking technology is key to the process and you’ll find that our revolutionary processes are unparalleled in the industry. From Buddy the Retriever our 24×7 virtual closing assistant, to remote online notarization and more, we offer a full complement of the latest technologies and e-services to deliver exceptional convenience, security, and accuracy.

    4. A stellar reputation built on trustworthiness and reliability.

    At the end of the day, your title partner should provide you and your clients with peace of mind. Certified Title Corporation offers real estate agents access to experts who really know their stuff when it comes to title insurance and closings. With decades of experience working through real estate closings and titles, we are well-versed in the many nuances of these processes. We also explain all title and closing terms to you and your clients in a way that’s straightforward and easy to understand.

    5. Expertise in compliance.

    The real estate industry is filled with ever-changing regulations and laws. Working with the right title company makes it easier to be aware of new rules and comply with them. We notify our real estate agent partners whenever a new law or standard is established. This provides you with smoother transactions and allows you to better inform your clients. Certified Title Corporation complies with all practices required by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and we adhere to all requirements of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

    6. A hassle-free closing experience.

    Who doesn’t want a streamlined closing process where the deal is completed on schedule and without any roadblocks or hassles? Reputable, reliable, and supremely knowledgeable, Certified Title leads the way in planning and execution. Every task in the closing process is carefully outlined and meticulously executed to avoid delays. Because we have been in business since 1994, working with us means you can gain the confidence that comes from our nearly three decades of experience in the title insurance industry. We ensure that you’ll enjoy a personalized, engaging, and memorable closing experience.

    Real estate agents and title companies share a common bond and a mutual desire to bring real estate transactions to their successful completion. To find out more about the full benefits of partnering with Certified Title Corporation, please contact us anytime.

    About Certified Title Corporation: Since 1994, attorney-owned Certified Title Corporation has been furnishing residential and commercial real estate stakeholders across the nation with robust title insurance, settlement, and escrow services. Renowned for industry-leading reliability and an exemplary level of service and quality, the Maryland-based company helps clients from all walks of life achieve their asset goals. To learn more, call (888)486-5511 or visit https://www.certifiedtitlecorp.com/.



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