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    Seven Clever Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

    selling your home during holidaysOnce upon a time, selling your home during the holidays was considered a major no-no.

    But with the advent of online listings, residential sales have become less seasonal. There are even advantages to selling your house during the holidays: buyers tend to be more serious and the competition is less intense with fewer homes being actively marketed. But if you’re considering putting your home on the market, you need to know the rules of the season.

    These seven pointers can help to ensure that your home sells in no time:

    1. Don’t go overboard with your holiday decorations. Homes often look more appealing during the festivity of the holidays, but be careful not to overdo it on the decor. Having too many decorations or large adornments can crowd your home and distract buyers. Also be sensitive to cultural and religious differences. A good rule of thumb is to keep things basic. A wreath on the door, some candles in the windows and a small tree in the living room are plenty. This isn’t the time to compete with your neighbors for the brightest light display.
    2. Be strategic with your pricing. The holiday sales season is short, so you don’t have time to negotiate with buyers. This isn’t the time to be ambitious with your pricing. But don’t price it too low or buyers will be suspicious that there’s something wrong with your home. Find a happy medium and go a little lower to attract more buyers.
    3. Make your home its coziest. A fire in the fireplace, some relaxing music, a plate of homemade holiday treats and the smell of hot chocolate will take the chill off a cold winter day. Consider placing a decorative throw and a comfy pillow on the sofa to give your space a warm, homey vibe. By encouraging buyers to spend more time in your home, it also gives them more opportunities to admire its best features.
    4. Hire a reliable real estate agent. That means finding someone reputable who won’t disappear during Christmas or New Years. Ask your friends and family if they can recommend a realtor who will go above and beyond to get your home sold. Finding an agent you can rely on will ease your stress and give you an opportunity to enjoy the season.
    5. Make curb appeal a top priority. When cold weather arrives and the trees lose their leaves, maintaining the exterior of your home becomes even more important. Bare trees mean a more exposed home, so touch up the paint, clean the gutters and spruce up the yard. Keep safety in mind as well by making sure stairs and walkways are free of snow, ice, leaves and debris.
    6. Take professional-quality real estate photos. When the weather outside is challenging, home buyers are more likely to browsing listings on the Internet to begin their search for the perfect residence. Make a great first impression by offering plenty of flattering, high-quality photos of your home. Make sure your yard and drive are cleared of leaves, branches, and dead flowers. Inside, light a fire in the fireplace and add some tasteful winter-inspired decor to the mantel. Simple things like decluttering and changing the lights can give your home warmth to attract more buyers. And while your landscaping may look beautiful in the spring and summer, describing it is a poor substitute for actually showing it. If possible, include some photos of your home during other seasons so buyers can see how gorgeous it looks year-round.
    7. Rely on the magic of video. A compelling video tour of your home during this time of year can be especially useful in convincing reluctant buyers that your house is worth braving the elements.

    Above all, don’t let selling your house ruin your holidays. Determine in advance the times when your home won’t be available for visiting and be sure to communicate this information with your agent. For more helpful tips on selling your home during the holiday season, please reach out to our knowledgeable team.

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