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    Property Descriptions That Sell – Part II: The Power of Outdoor Lighting

    We recently focused on winning property descriptionsProperty Descriptions That Sell – Part II: The Power of Outdoor Lighting, and one of the features that can really add curb appeal and make a home stand out is amazing outdoor lighting. In fact, according to the NAHB ‘s “Eye on Housing” report, exterior lighting is on the wish list of a staggering 92% of home buyers. It helps to illuminate a well-maintained lawn and attractive exterior features of the home, while also improving its safety and security. Exterior lighting is a relatively simple thing that can add a lot to a residence, so be sure to play up this sought-after feature in your descriptions.

    Lighting plays a critical role in nighttime curb appeal. Think about a house with an exterior you admire. What do you notice? Is it the beautiful porch and decorative columns? The colorful flower beds? Picture the same house at night. Does it still stand out? If you said yes, the owners have likely taken advantage of the transformative magic of outdoor lighting. Spotlights can bring out the beauty of statues and other ornamentation while also highlighting unique architectural features like cupolas and dormers. Uplights can showcase magnificent trees gathered on the lawn and illuminate trim bushes and manicured gardens. There’s no end to the ways exterior lights can be used to amp up a home’s wow factor, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to incorporate them into your property descriptions to enhance their effectiveness.

    Exterior lighting done right can allow outdoor space to take on a whole new life when the sun goes down. In essence, they can increase a home’s square footage for entertaining, and what buyer wouldn’t relish that idea?  Well-lit decks turn ordinary dinner parties into open-air dining experiences where the conversation flows. Colorful in-ground pool lights provide a fun atmosphere, as well as extra visibility, inviting guests to linger longer. Setting the mood with outdoor lighting installations is a surefire way for homeowners to make the most of their outdoor living space, so why not emphasize it in your listings? Using descriptive terms like “al fresco dining”, “illuminated entertainment environment”, and “softly lit romantic ambience” can help potential buyers envision themselves enjoying the glorious outdoors amidst perfectly planned lighting.

    Keep in mind that outdoor lighting also serves a fundamental purpose—to increase the property’s safety and security. Whether it’s a late-night pizza delivery or it’s dark when guests arrive, a well-lit path can mean the difference between a safe passage and injury. Untrimmed bushes and cracks in sidewalks become hazardous in the dark. And when it comes to home security, properties with darkened bushes or shadowed entry points are left vulnerable to would-be thieves. Homes with security lighting installed at the sides and back of the property, as well as the front, help to keep it well-lit and less appealing to intruders. When you’re drafting that all-important property description, be sure to include the valuable safety and security benefits that come with well-planned outdoor lighting.

    Turn up the wow factor on your property descriptions with power of outdoor lighting. In the real estate industry, one great skill you need is the ability to write inspiring listing descriptions that sell properties fast. Given the importance of great outdoor lighting to today’s homebuyers, it’s a smart move to feature its many benefits whenever and wherever you can. If you’d like more information or have questions about selling or purchasing a property, we’re happy to help. Please reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable professionals anytime.

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