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    Kitchen Renovations Gone Bad: Eight Mistakes to Avoid

    “The kitchen is the heart of the home.” There’s a lot of truth in that old saying. It’s an essential room that provides comfort, nourishment, and a place to gather with loved ones. In recent years, the kitchen has become the epicenter of the home, often used for everything from family entertainment to paying the bills. That increased focus is one reason why today’s homebuyers say that a great kitchen is among their most important purchasing factors. It has propelled kitchen renovations to the forefront of home improvements, offering the potential for an impressive return on investment, too. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, it’s important to design a functional, welcoming space that makes it easy for your family members and friends to congregate.

    Kitchen Renovations Gone Bad Eight Mistakes to Avoid

    Here are some common kitchen renovation mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

    Mistake #1: Failing to consider the workflow
    The refrigerator, stove, and sink are the three most-used features in the kitchen. If they’re all positioned side-by-side, only one person at a time will be able to comfortably cook or prepare food. One popular interior design solution is to create a “workflow triangle” with the refrigerator, stove, and sink. This configuration provides proximity as well as ample room to work efficiently in the space.

    Mistake #2: Skimping on storage
    You can never have too much storage space, particularly in the kitchen. If a lack of stowage has been a problem for you, look for places where it can be expanded and maximized. Roll-out drawers, pantry pull-outs, cabinet inserts, and lazy Susans can help you maximize every inch of available space.

    Mistake #3: Choosing elements that are the wrong size
    Incorporating items that are too large or too small can make your entire kitchen look disordered and out of proportion. For example, if you choose bar stools that are much shorter than the height of your island, it will be impossible for anyone to comfortably use it. Or if you opt for overhead light fixtures that are way too large for the space, they’ll appear disproportionate. Avoid this problem by taking detailed measurements before purchasing fixtures, seating, and other accessory pieces.

    Mistake #4: Limiting the counter space
    Counter space is one of the most important elements of the kitchen, so don’t settle for less. Extend your usable work surface by incorporating shelving supports, decorative corbels, or island areas.

    Mistake #5: Making impulsive design choices.
    Materials can look a lot different in a showroom than they will in your home. Don’t commit to major design elements like flooring, cabinet fronts, or countertop materials until you view samples in the space you’re remodeling.

    Mistake #6: Lackluster lighting                                                                                                     
    Kitchens are bustling hubs of activity. As the place where we cook, clean, gather, and entertain, no room in the home is more multi-functional. That means a variety of lighting styles is needed to accommodate these various uses. Ideally, your kitchen should have a combination of ambient lighting (recessed or surface mounts), accent lights (sconces or pendants), and task lights (under-cabinet). When hosting a more intimate gathering, you may rely on the ambient and accent lights. For chopping vegetables and following detailed recipes, ambient and task lighting are better choices. Lighting is much harder to add once your renovation is complete, so incorporate adequate options in the planning stage.

    Mistake #7: Waiting too long to choose appliances
    If you’re giving your kitchen a major overhaul, large appliances like the dishwasher, stove, oven, and refrigerator should be purchased early on. It’s much easier to choose cabinets and countertops to fit your appliances rather than the other way around.

    Mistake #8: Not budgeting properly
    Kitchen renovation is a costly undertaking. On average, homeowners spend 10 to 15 percent of their home’s market value on these makeovers. Once you’ve established a budget, commit to sticking to it and then allocate your resources carefully. For example, you don’t want to spend a small fortune on appliances only to realize that you’ve got nothing left for the counters and cabinetry. And in any renovation, it’s wise to build a buffer into the budget for any surprises that may be encountered along the way.

    Make the most of your kitchen renovation journey.

    It’s a significant expense, but it can also be a smart investment that greatly increases the value of your home. Taking ample time to carefully plan your beautiful new kitchen will save you money and headaches down the road.

    Put your imagination to work to create a fabulous kitchen that works for you.

    If you need more inspiration, the experienced professionals at Certified Title are here to help. Please reach out to us anytime.

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