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    How to Make the Most of Your Open Floor Plan Design

    How to Make the Most of Your Open Floor Plan Design

    Many perks come with an open concept floor plan. It creates a sense of roominess and improves the efficiency of usable living space. Social interaction gets a boost as well, and these expansive spaces can readily accommodate furnishings of all types and sizes. Could your open concept home use an update?

    Read on for some helpful design tips to create purpose and coherence in your free-flowing floorplan.

    1. Define the space.

      In the open concept world, a fabulous area rug can be a saving grace. Without a pop of color to add warmth and definition, that wide open layout can mighty feel cold and barren. Not only do those hardworking area rugs delineate conversation spaces and guide foot traffic, but they help to make seemingly endless open areas feel cozy and intimate. Rugs work well because they provide subtle boundaries without compromising the overall visual. Use them to signify a gathering area, dining room, living room, great room, or family room.

    2. Consider the flow of traffic.

      While an expansive room can feel cavernous, when it has designated places for conversation and comfort (sofa/living area), eating (table/dining area), and preparing food (kitchen), it’s transformed into a much more approachable and comfortable environment. Use furniture to create specific stations within the larger spaces of your open floor plan to help the space feel navigable. In between these stations, make sure there’s a clear path with ample room to maneuver.

    3. Coordinate your color palette.

      When you’re decorating a large, open space, the colors you choose take on added importance because they need to work cohesively. Select an overall color palette and then incorporate it into each individual area within the larger space. Then choose a couple accent colors to help divide up the room. Add a touch of them to each individual area. Rugs, pillows, artwork, and various accessory pieces are good choices. The accent colors will help divide the room, while the overall, more neutral palette will lend the open area a sense of cohesion.

    4. Create eye-catching points of interest.

      Use focal points to add interest and dimension to a large room, placing one in each defined zone. They can range from fixed features such as a colorful backsplash or an elaborate chandelier, to smaller touches, like an impressive piece of glassware or designer clock.

    5. Incorporate some architectural details.

      If your home is lacking architectural details such as molding or paneling, consider adding some to help you define the spaces. For instance, you might install wainscoting in the area you’d like to use as the dining room. Even if you opt to paint everything the same color, it differentiates the dining space from the adjoining areas.

    6. Give extra attention to the lighting.

      Proper lighting can go a long way in dividing your open floor plans into workable zones. Over-counter pendant lighting is perfect in the kitchen area, while a chandelier over the dining table helps to define that space. Wall sconces or floor lamps are good choices in the living area. Adding a table or two next to the sofa and/or arm chairs will distinctly illuminate those spaces. Recessed lighting is an excellent source of ambient light that also helps to set the tone and guide the overall flow of the room.

    7. Add some warming touches.

      Open floors plans can feel a little harsh. Adding plants to your decor is an easy way to add warmth and life. Wood accents in the form of shelving or small furnishings can also create a cozy vibe. Consider incorporating soft surfaces like a fabric or leather ottoman instead of a hard coffee table.

    Open concept floorplans provide endless opportunities for you to get creative. From the décor to the color scheme, incorporate your personality and make the space your own.

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