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    Harness the Power of Testimonials

    Harness The Power Of Testimonials

    As a realtor, the homes you list are just one element of the sales process. The more important part of the transaction is selling yourself and your abilities. That’s why your reviews and testimonials have the power to make or break a deal. They reaffirm everything you say and promise to your prospective clients. If your testimonials fall short—or if they’re absent—it puts you at a huge disadvantage. People are more inclined to do business with someone when there’s “social proof” of their abilities. In other words, we tend to take cues from other peoples’ choices. Consider these facts:

    • According to Placester.com, 85% of consumers use reviews to decide on purchases.
    • People trust peer recommendations six more times than they do an ad.
    • Agents with 10 or more testimonials have an average of 300% more listings versus agents with no reviews.

    Showcase your testimonials. Put them front and center on your home page to help build trust with visitors to your site right away. When your prospects see that others have worked with you and enjoyed excellent results, it can instantly increase your lead generation efforts and your conversion rates.

    Ask your past clients if they would act as your reference. If a prospect is undecided about choosing you as their agent, references can go a long way in winning them over. Offering a list of references will help them to put their trust in you and they will appreciate your transparency.

    Put a system in place. Make it straightforward and easy for your clients to give your reviews. Offer to provide direction and suggestions about certain aspects of the sales process they might want to reference.  Consider providing some examples so they have a template from which to work. You could also ask your clients what areas you excelled in the most. Questions such as “What led to your decision to buy or sell your home?” or “What did I do best to help your home sale or search?” are good ways to get their writing process started.

    Have your real estate testimonials tell a story. A testimonial is always good, but if you really want to make an impact, help your clients to tell a story. For example, what was their situation before using you? Were they looking for something specific that you helped them find? Did they have a dream that you helped bring into reality? If you want your testimonials to strike a chord with your prospects, urge your clients to share their personal stories rather than simply reviewing your services.

    Use every platform you can. When people are considering a product or service, they like to see that it’s highly reviewed. Facebook reviews, LinkedIn recommendations, Yelp, Zillow, Trulia, and the best comments from your blog are all excellent places to find and share your clients’ glowing testimonials.

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