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    Get Some Space: Design Tips for She Sheds and Man Caves

    Get Some Space Design Tips for She Sheds

    Get Some Space Design Tips for She Sheds

    Our homes aren’t just places of shelter; they’re an important part of who we are. They should offer sanctuary and restorative calm away from the stresses of the outside world. But in today’s constant hustle and bustle, it can be hard to find that veritable port in a storm, even in our own homes. Is it any wonder that there’s a growing demand among both men and women for more residential personal space?

    The adult equivalent of boys’ and girls’ clubs is taking real estate by storm. For some time now, “man caves” have afforded men the opportunity chance to decorate to their own tastes, install home theatres and pool tables, and make as much mess as they please in one part of their home. Women have jumped on the band wagon in recent years, demanding their own space as well—someplace they can call their own and can escape to when they need to be alone. Known as the “she shed”, this veritable paradise can be borne from a little-used bedroom, a loft over the garage, or a gardening shed in the backyard. Both man caves and she sheds are growing in popularity and have become sought-after spaces among potential buyers. Any opportunity that affords people their own personal space is adding significant value to homes.

    Go grab some space. The beauty of having a personal space is that it doesn’t need to be the size of the Taj Mahal. Many times you can find the space you need by converting, replacing or integrating existing structures on your property. However large or small your home and yard are, there are always options for re-claiming some space to make it your own. If you’re into DIY projects, an ordinary garden shed can easily be transformed into an amazing women only space with a can of paint and a few creative touches. Turn that unused room in your finished basement into the ultimate man cave, complete with a big screen TV, an amazing sound system, and your favorite arcade games. Do you love to unwind by building furniture or model airplanes? Then your private sanctuary might be located in a dedicated area of the garage. Once you’ve established the shell of your space, you can let your imagination run wild.

    Get Some Space Design Tips for Man Caves

    Get Some Space Design Tips for Man Caves

    Creating a space that’s a personal haven can be extremely satisfying, too. Follow these design ideas to fashion a man cave or she shed that’s welcoming and comforting:

    • Because your private space is supposed to remove you from the frantic pace of your daily activities, choose colors that you find soothing for walls, furniture, and accessories. This could be anything from jewel tones to pastels, so give thought to what hues you find to be the most relaxing and appealing.
    • What kind of personal oasis would it be without the most comfortable furniture? Choose some cozy lounge chairs or a comfy sofa that integrates with your design them and preferred style.
    • Depending upon the amount of natural light that fills your man cave or she shed, decide how you’ll make use of conventional lighting fixtures. If you’re going for more of a tranquil vibe, ambient lighting may be your best bet. If you plan to use this space as a workshop, you may need additional lighting that makes it easy to focus on the details of your projects.
    • Remove anything from your chosen space that clutters up the area. There’s nothing more disturbing than having to step around boxes, extra papers, or trash when you’re trying to unwind.
    • To have a retreat that feels soothing and personal, surround yourself with things that you treasure and that speak to your inner self. This could be family photos, cherished books, sports memorabilia, hand-made quilts, or virtually anything else that brings you pleasure.

    At the end of the day, the personal value of your man cave or she shed isn’t about how big or elaborate it is, but the fact that it’s your own. To learn more about the most appealing options to transform your home’s personal space, please contact our helpful team of professionals.

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