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    Get Ready for the Holidays: Guest Room Transformation Tips

    With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s a great time to get your guest bedroom picture perfect. These ten easy guest room transformation tips will help you prepare a welcoming space for your overnight holiday visitors.

    1. Start prepping your home early. Often, the guest room lies unused and closed up during the rest of the year, creating a stale, musty odor. One easy way to get the room smelling super fresh is to air it out a few days before your visitors arrive. Some mild linen spray can also add a gorgeous fresh fragrance to the room and bedding. Be sure to carefully check out the room and identify any potential issues so you can correct them beforehand.
    2. Freshen up those linens. It goes without saying that your company should be treated to no less than a fresh, clean and tidy room to retire to at the end of a tiresome day of celebrations these holidays. Freshly washed bed linen and soft, fluffy towels are a must to treat your guests to a little luxury during their stay. If your existing linens don’t cut the mustard, considering buying new ones. Be sure your guests know exactly where the towels and extra blankets are, too.
    3. Make room for friends and family. Your guests will need a place to store their personal items.  Cleaning out a drawer and making space in a closet that includes hangers is a simple way to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome.
    4. Create some ambience. The atmosphere you create in the guest suite can leave a big impression on your company. Soft bedside lighting will delicately highlight your room’s décor and give an overall feeling of relaxation. Lamps with dimmer switches or lighting with varying levels of brightness allow flexibility, should your guests require a little more light for reading.
    5. Keep the temperature in mind. Another important comfort factor is to ensure your guests have adequate heating or cooling and that the room is at the correct temperature before bedtime. It may pay to ask your guests whether the temperature is suitable for them so you can adjust accordingly. Space heaters can help to warm up a cool room.
    6. Bring on a hotel vibe. Provide the essential toiletries your guests will need for a pleasant stay at your home. Basics such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap or wash, aspirin, toothpaste, and a toothbrush will go a long way in the eyes of your visitors. Consider providing a blow dryer, alarm clock, a robe, and slippers for an extra-special touch.
    7. Give them something to nosh on. Your guests may not feel comfortable rooting through your kitchen for a midnight snack. However, they’re sure to feel right at home if you place a basket of tasty snacks and some bottled water or soda in their quarters. Granola bars, chips, nuts, cookies, and fruit are good options.
    8. Add some special finishing touches. Being a good host is all about those important details that let guests know you’re happy to see them and that you want them to be comfortable. Why not pick up an issue of their favorite magazine or a new book you think they’ll enjoy? Place a gorgeous vase of fresh flowers on the dresser. You might even add some festive decorations to bring some holiday spirit into the room.
    9. Don’t forget the nightlights. Waking up in a dark, strange room can be disconcerting, especially if the bathroom is down the hall. Nightlights placed in the room and in the hall can prevent bumped knees, stubbed toes, and other injuries that can occur when your guests need to find their way through the dark. This is especially important if you are hosting an elderly guest or a child who may be afraid of the dark.
    10. Spend the night in your guest room. This will allow you to find out in advance if it’s too bright to sleep well, if the bed is comfy, or if the room gets too warm or too cool.

    Your visitors’ initial impression of their temporary accommodations should be one of welcome and that some forethought went into preparing for their needs. With a little creativity and a small amount of effort, it isn’t hard to create the perfect guest room. For more guest room transformation tips, please reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable professionals.

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