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    Follow These Tips for a Safe (and Fun!) Pandemic-Era Housewarming Party

    If you recently purchased a new home, you may be wondering how you can show it off and keep your guests safe during your housewarming party!

    Get-togethers can be challenging amid COVID but there are still plenty of fun, healthy ways to celebrate your fabulous new digs with friends and family. Here are five of our favorite pandemic-era housewarming party ideas.

    1. Set up a video tour and party
      The upside of a virtual housewarming is that you can invite as many friends as you’d like to join you from any place in the world. Before the big event, open the blinds to secure the best lighting and then walk your guests through each room. Be sure to upload photos and recordings afterwards so everyone can take a closer look at their leisure. When the house tour is complete, ask your guests to stick around to toast your new abode, play games, and chat.
    1. Make it a hybrid event
      Some family members or friends may not yet feel comfortable attending in-person gatherings, so consider allocating time to those who want to join online. You might schedule the virtual portion an hour or two before in-person guests arrive, or you could host a Zoom call during the festivities so guests can mingle and everyone can enjoy a walkthrough of your new residence. Including an online element is a thoughtful gesture for those who are far away, elderly, or unable to travel.
    1. Have an entire ‘housewarming day’
      To avoid having a crowd in your home, consider staggering visits throughout the day rather than cramming everyone in at once. Schedule visitors two or three at a time, at one-hour intervals. Open the doors and turn on the lights to create a touchless guest experience. For added safety, ask everyone to wear a mask and apply hand sanitizer when they arrive. Send each small group off with some party favors and then disinfect the premises before the next set of guests arrive.
    1. Take the party outdoors
      The safest way to host a gathering is to do it al fresco. If your new home has a backyard, patio, or deck, make great use of those wonderful outdoor spaces and limit the house tours to a few people at a time. Set up tables and stations for barbecuing, drinks, and for guests to comfortably chat and hang out. You might even engage a local restaurant to cater the event so you can enjoy the party, too.
    1. Avoid the no-no’s
      Whether you opt for small groups, an outdoor affair, or a traditional housewarming party, there are some tried and true safety measures that should be adhered to. Ideally, everyone who attends in-person should be fully vaccinated. Be sure guests mask up and that hand sanitizer is readily available. Keep the windows open a bit for ventilation. You’ll want to say goodbye to buffets, too, because they invite cross-contamination and increase the risk of infection. Instead, opt for single-serve portions that are easy to handle, such as mini quiches, chicken skewers, taquitos, or finger sandwiches.

    Whether you moved into your new home last week or last year, it’s cause for celebration. For more helpful guidance about how to host a safe housewarming event, please contact our knowledgeable professionals.

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