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    Eight Sure-Fire Ways to Make Holiday Guests Feel at Home

    Eight Sure-Fire Ways to Make Holiday Guests Feel at HomeThe holidays are here and that often means entertaining family and friends. If you’re having overnight guests this holiday season, these simple tips will help them feel welcome and right at home:

    1. Start preparing early. A week or so before your guests arrive, spend some time in the guest room and check it out carefully. Are the pillows comfortable? Are there enough blankets? Anticipate potential issues so you can correct them beforehand.
    2. Freshen up your linens. Show your guests they’re special to you by providing crisp bedsheets and soft, fluffy towels. If your existing linens don’t cut the mustard, considering buying new ones. Be sure your guests know exactly where the towels and extra blankets are, too.
    3. Make some room. Guests need a place to store their personal items.  Cleaning out a drawer and making space in a closet that includes hangers is a simple way to make your guests feel welcome.  If you don’t have a guest room, be sure there is luggage rack  or a small table to lay suitcases on, as many people end up living out of their suitcase.
    4. Think like a hotel. Provide all the basic essentials your guests will need for a nice stay at your home.  Basics such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap or wash, aspirin, toothpaste, and a toothbrush will go a long way in the eyes of your visitors.  Consider providing a blow dryer, alarm clock, a robe, and slippers for an extra-special touch.
    5. Consider the little details. Being a good host is all about those few, important details that let guests know you’re happy they’re there and want them to be comfortable. Pick up an issue of their favorite magazine or a new book you think they’ll enjoy. DVR the shows they love. Place some fresh flowers on the nightstand.
    6. Provide a snack basket. Guests don’t always feel comfortable shuffling into someone else’s kitchen to fetch a midnight snack or a beverage. Make them feel right at home with a small basket of tasty snacks and some bottled water or soda.
    7. Confine your pets. You may be an animal lover but many people aren’t. Have a conversation with your guests before they arrive. Do they like or dislike animals? Do they have allergies? Do they have children who might be fearful of pets?
    8. Use plenty of nightlights. Avoid having your guests stumble their way through an unfamiliar environment in the middle of the night by making sure you have adequate nightlights placed throughout your home.

    It’s not that hard to make your guests feel at home. The key is a little hospitality, a welcoming attitude, and a few extra touches here and there.

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