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    Eight Smart Ways to Make Your Home Office Work for You

    Working from home has become the new normal for many Americans.

    Those who are new to this experience may be struggling to get adjusted, thwarting productivity and negatively impacting results. Whether you’re fortunate enough to have a separate work space or you hastily set up your laptop on the dining room table, there are a number of simple ways to create a home office that’s designed for efficiency and effectiveness.

    Eight Smart Ways to Make Your Home Office Work for You

    In the following article, we’ll share our best home office ideas for spaces of all types and sizes.

    Scout out a suitable location.

    For some people, choosing a spot for their home office is easy because they have an empty room available that can be used as a dedicated home office. But when space is tight, you have to think creatively. Consider an area of the basement, unused corners in larger rooms, empty closets, or even under the stairs. With a little ingenuity, there are plenty of spaces that can convert to an office.

    Commit to your chosen space.

    Whatever spot you select, make sure it feels like a dedicated and functional work area. That means a comfortable chair, adequate lighting, a tech setup that allows you to readily take and make video calls, and an overall feeling of organization on your desk and the surrounding area.

    Incorporate your personal style.

    Do you prefer urban decor, rustic farmhouse, or shabby chic? What types of personal items inspire you in your workspace? Considering your styles and adding individual touches will make you feel more comfortable in your space, which can boost your productivity.

    Establish boundaries.

    It can be challenging to balance the needs of others in your home with your need for professionalism. If your office is located in an area that other family members or housemates regularly access, explain your need for privacy and minimal distractions while you’re working. If a private office is not possible for you, consider purchasing a room divider or folding shoji screen to minimize disruptions. Encourage others to respect your work time by posting a “Do Not Disturb” sign, especially when you’re participating in virtual meetings or working on projects that require concentration.

    Organize your space.

    Make sure you have all your workday essentials close at hand and move less necessary items elsewhere. Toss anything that can be disposed of, pair like items, and place working pens in a decorative cup.

    Remember that lighting is key.

    Sunlight improves the body’s vitamin D levels and regulates its circadian rhythm, which leads to better moods and increased energy. If you don’t have access to natural light in your home office, illuminate the space with lamps. The hue of the lighting should also be considered. Warm color temperatures are calming, while cool color temperatures stimulate productivity. Choosing an LED task light that allows you to change color temperature settings gives you the flexibility to select a suitable light for the job at hand.

    Check your virtual background.

    If video calls are part of your new day-to-day, think about what your colleagues are seeing behind you. A pile of laundry or empty wine glasses isn’t going to enhance your professional image. Instead, keep things clean and uncluttered. Good background options might be a favorite piece of art, an orderly bookcase, or a scenic window. If it’s not possible to create an attractive setting, consider using a virtual videoconferencing background or investing in a physical backdrop solution.

    Strive to maintain office hours.

    Working from home gives you more latitude with your schedule, but you should still try to establish regular office hours if you want to maximize your productivity. Working for a fixed period of time every day provides a sense of routine and structure. In time, your mind will automatically shift into work mode during those established office hours and switch to relaxation mode when your work day is complete.

    An organized and attractive work area can help you feel happier and more productive. Put your imagination to work to create a home office that works for your needs. 

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