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    Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

    When it comes to seasonal home updates, simple changes can have a major impact.

    The spring season has arrived and along with the urge to get rid of the clutter and clear out the dust bunnies, many of us want to freshen up our living spaces. It doesn’t take a major renovation to give your house a springtime refresh.

    Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

    Here are seven easy, functional, and beautiful ideas to breathe new life into your home. Best of all, they won’t break the bank either!

    1. Swap out your ‘pillow wardrobe’. Just as you change your clothing wardrobe for spring, you can easily refresh the look of a room by switching up the pillows. Changing your throw pillows or fabric wall art can add a seasonal pop of color and lighten the feel of the room for the warm weather that’s on its way. Replace heavier pillows covered in velvet and silk with light and breezy seasonal fabric choices like cotton or linen.
    2. Create a feature wall. You can easily fabricate an eye-catching accent wall by painting it a fresh, vibrant hue or by applying patterned wallpaper that accents your existing color palette. If your living space is predominantly white or beige, for example, why not paint one of the walls teal, lemon yellow, or periwinkle? Even easier, try a self-adhesive wallpaper. An endless variety of colors and patterns is available from online specialty companies.
    3. Take a cue from Mother Nature. When you want to touch up your house for spring, one of the best ways to brighten your surroundings is to match the great outdoors. Green is undoubtedly the color of spring, so adorn your home with plants and lush greenery to make it feel fresh and seasonal. By connecting with the outside world, it will bring an extra dose of positive energy into your living space.
    4. Play up your accessory pieces. Even simple accessories like the towels in the bathroom or the pillows on the bed can make a huge difference. A new area rug can change the vibe of the entire room. A new season is here, so make a fresh start by updating those items as well. Walk through your house and take note of all the odds and ends that are worn, shabby, or out of style. If you don’t have the budget for new accessories, check out your local thrift store. There are often some amazing bargains to be had!
    5. Let the sun shine in. Now that spring has arrived, make the most of your home’s natural lighting. Clean the windows, open the blinds, and swap out heavy drapes for airy curtains that let the light flow in. You can use mirrors in your décor, as well, to make dark spaces appear brighter. Their reflective properties also have the ability to make the room appear larger than its actual size.
    6. Decorate with fruits and flowers. What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘spring’? Flowers! Celebrate the spirit of this season of renewal by using fruits and flowers to decorate your home. A bowl of cheery yellow lemons on the coffee table not only smells great but it’s pleasing to the eye and very inexpensive. Pretty spring posies like tulips and daffodils are easy to find and affordable at this time of year.
    7. Create a welcoming front entrance. One of the simplest ways to add a little spring flair to the front of your home is with a charming seasonal wreath and a new doormat. While you’re at it, sweep off the porch and clean the outdoor light fixtures to create a bright, inviting vibe.

    With a little ingenuity, you can easily make your home feel like spring—even on a limited budget.  

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