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    Creative Content Marketing: Five Things Every Realtor Should be Posting

    Here are five smart content ideas to attract more buyers and sellers to your site.In today’s crowded real estate landscape, personalizing and cultivating meaningful relationships is the hallmark of an effective marketing strategy. And in the real estate industry, agents are challenged to create compelling, high-quality content that resonates with their clients. The most successful content marketing adds value to their lives, winning their loyalty and business over time.

    1. Showcase your listings and open houses. You’re probably already doing this in some form or another, but why not enhance your blog posts with additional valuable information? You could provide in-depth information about the neighbored and little known facts about it. Think of it as an opportunity to tell visitors about the house and show off you knowledge of the local market, too.
    2. Create monthly local market updates. Your local audience is sure to be interested in the increasing (or decreasing) value of home prices in the area. It’s also a great way build your blog subscribers, so be sure incorporate a call to action such as, “Receive our monthly market updates”.
    3. Blog about buyer and seller questions. Every time you interact with a buyer at an open house and they ask a question you think other people might be interested in, write it down and blog about it later. Give an in-depth explanation in response to the question. Do the same with your sellers. Be sure to share these Q&As on your social media networks, too.
    4. Interact on forums. A good way to drive traffic to your real estate website is through forums. Contribute high-quality articles to growing online communities in the industry such as Bigger Pockets and Zillow. You can even have your own blog on Trulia. By contributing compelling articles there, you can earn a following from other community members, building your real estate brand and positioning you as a thought leader among your peers.
    5. Offer an e-book. While drafting your e-book, keep in mind it that should not be solely written about you and your services. Rather, the key is to hone in on what motivates your potential customers, what keeps them up at night, and what questions they ask that you can answer for them. If you position yourself an as expert on that topic, readers will be more likely to visit your website for their real estate needs.

    At its core, content is a mode of creation that offers something to someone else before expecting anything in return. As you write each of your real estate content pieces, be sure to ask yourself this all-important question: Does it add value?

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