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    Certified Title Corporation Introduces ZOCCAM App to Facilitate Ease of Transactions

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    Certified Title Corporation Introduces ZOCCAM App to Facilitate Ease of Transactions

           Firm Expands Arsenal of Innovative Tools that Support Smooth Closing Processes

    Baltimore, Maryland – March 11, 2021- Maryland-based Certified Title Corporation has announced increased transaction ease and enhanced security protocols through the implementation of ZOCCAM, an innovative app that allows real estate agents to digitally send earnest money and contracts directly to the title company.

    Acting as a virtual courier, ZOCCAM streamlines the home buying experience. With just a few clicks, parties can securely authenticate the borrower’s identification and send funds and documents to the escrow agent. Functioning similarly to banking apps for deposits, the technology is user-friendly and straightforward. The result is an expedited sales cycle that also boasts improved security and reduced risk for all parties.

    The ZOCCAM app provides a host of valuable benefits. It minimizes the personal handling of the home buyer’s earnest money check, which supports ALTA best practices. Because it can be used at any time and from any location, the app abbreviates the sales cycle by allowing title orders to be opened simultaneously with contract execution. ZOCCAM is free to users and avoids the costs associated with wire transfers of earnest money. Its robust notification system allows all parties involved in the transaction to receive information about the closing process and confirms delivery of the contract and deposit.

    “Many missteps can occur when manually depositing paper checks for earnest money deposits, not to mention the amount of time that’s involved,” says Stephen B. Millstein, Esq., co-owner and counsel for Certified Title Corporation. “We take information security very seriously and ZOCCAM enhances that effort. It also provides us with a tremendous advantage, as the transaction is handled swiftly and securely, providing a better overall experience for real estate agents and the consumer.”

    Since its inception more than 25 years ago, Certified Title has been on the front lines of industry-leading products, best practices, and standards that bolster security and improve the closing process. Serving clients across the nation, the firm supports the next generation of real estate transactions through its implementation of thoughtfully-curated digital tools.

    About Certified Title Corporation: Since 1994, attorney-owned Certified Title Corporation has been furnishing residential and commercial real estate stakeholders across the nation with robust title insurance, settlement, and escrow services. Renowned for their industry-leading reliability and exemplary level of service and quality, the Maryland-based company helps clients from all walks of life achieve their asset goals. To learn more, call (888)486-5511 or visit https://www.certifiedtitlecorp.com/.



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